Better Periods, Period. 

...introducing the Better Periods Program

Teaching you how to work WITH your hormones instead of fighting them

Once you learn the key ways to support your hormonal health, you'll finally be able to Manage PMS, Boost Mood & Energy, and Experience Pain-Free Periods


Have you ever uttered these phrases?

  • ​These cramps are killing me, I can't leave the house today
  • ​I never know when my period is coming! It's got a mind of its own
  • ​I swear, I turn into a different person every month before my period
  • ​I'm on an emotional rollercoaster!
  • ​My hormones are all over the place, I don't even recognize myself
  • ​I'm so bloated and puffy today, must be getting my period!
  • ​I'm craving chocolate, cookies, chips, and junk - I guess I'm PMSing

This program is for you if

  • You know you're capable of feeling better 
  • Your period or PMS gets in the way of you feeling your best
  • You want to know more about how to support your hormones
  • ​You are frustrated with the lack of options for women's health
  • ​You want to work with your body and not against it every month
  • ​You're confused by what you see on social media and want an expert's opinion instead
Do your best until you know better. Then when you know better, do better

- Maya Angelou

The Better Periods Program

This online program guides you through my experienced approach to understand and improve your hormonal health, so you can finally feel balanced all month long.

I walk you through the nuts and bolts of hormones, how to know what's normal and what's not, and how to implement a simple and effective plan for yourself that is unique to your body's needs. 

You will learn to love your body again, to truly "get it", and to be a full-fledged expert in what's happening in every phase of your menstrual cycle. 

  • Module 1: Decoding the Menstrual Cycle
  • Module 2: Causes of Poor Periods & Key Tests
  • Module 3: Supports for Better Periods
  • Module 4: The Better Periods Action Plan

Bonuses for Better Periods

  • Downloadable Recipes for every phase of your menstrual cycle 
  • My Menstrual Cycle Tracker to help keep tabs on symptoms and support for each phase
  • My Ovulation & BBT Tracker to build awareness of when ovulation is happening in your body
  • Downloadable Lab Test Cheatsheet for better understanding of your hormonal health

Hi. I'm Dr. Lewis. 


I'll help you take charge of your hormones so you can stop feeling tired, bloated, crampy, and moody.

I believe that when we truly understand and take care of our hormonal health, we can achieve anything. 

I love empowering my patients to finally understand how their unique body works, and where things may have fallen off track. When we know our bodies better, we can stop settling for sub-par health and begin to truly heal.

If you've ever been told "everything looks normal" despite feeling like crap, know that answers do exist if you dig deep enough.

As a hormone-focused naturopathic doctor, I pride myself on seeking out the root cause, so you can finally get the answers you need to build the health and body you deserve.
Your hormones shouldn't be a mystery

You shouldn't have to suffer

You shouldn't have to wonder if this month will be different 

You shouldn't have to suck it up and live with it

You shouldn't be stuck with only one medical option: "the pill"

You shouldn't have 2 weeks of each month that you feel like garbage (PS that's half your life!) 

Questions you might be asking...

How long do I have access to the program?
The program will be accessible for 3 months after you register. Plenty of time for you to go back through modules and refresh your memory as you experience your menstrual cycles.
What if I want to work 1:1 with Dr. Elaine for more individualized naturopathic care?
Dr. Lewis does offer in-person and virtual appointments. If you're an Ontario resident, you can book a discovery call or initial visit with her for specific naturopathic care at One Elephant Integrative Health Team in Oakville, Ontario. 
How much time does the program take?
That depends on how quickly you choose to navigate the modules. Each of the four modules include short videos that total about 60 minutes, so you could easily get through the content in a few days if you're dialed in!
Do I have to finish a module before the next one is released?
Yes, the content is set up to be linear, so you will have access to a new module one day after the previous one is completed. However, within each module, you are welcome to watch videos out of order!

It's time to take charge of your hormones 

Stop suffering every month with period cramps, PMS, hormonal acne, and heaviness. 
My Better Periods Program teaches you exactly how to support your period health and start living in alignment with your hormones, with gentle adjustments for every menstrual cycle phase. 

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