Better Periods, Period. 
Get to know your hormones & Get to know your body. 

My Hormone Questionnaire is one of your first steps to a more comfortable period & PMS experience.  

  • Decode Your Hormones: Understand some of the contributors to your period symptoms.  
  • Hormone Fixer Uppers: Learn which of your hormonal patterns need support. 
  • Discover: Find out your next steps for #betterperiods. 

Hi. I'm Dr. Lewis. 

Your Hormone Coach

I'll help you take charge of your hormones so you can stop feeling tired, bloated, crampy, and moody.

I believe that when we truly understand and take care of our hormones, we can achieve anything.

I love empowering my patients to finally understand how their unique body works, and where things may have fallen off track. When we know our bodies better, we can stop settling for sub-par health and begin to truly heal.

If you've ever been told "everything looks normal" despite feeling like crap, know that answers do exist if you dig deep enough.

As a hormone-focused naturopathic doctor, I pride myself on seeking out the root cause, so you can finally get the answers you need to build the health and body you deserve.
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